Sunday, June 22, 2008

fishin' and stuff.

went out for a fine day fishing on friday! especially after the mayhem and spectacle that was "free fishing weekend" last week. wow. they must not have caught many {surprise, surprise} as there were plenty for us left, we probably caught at least fifty trout between the four of us. here's a sweet shot of mormon mountain behind a glassy upper lake mary at about 6am. it sure is nice out early in the morning. there were at least fifty elk in the meadow behind lower lake mary, and some deer out by happy jack. out on the rim the thimbleberry and the dogwoods are done blooming, but the banana yuccas and the beargrass are going off, as are the locust and rose bushes, giving off a sweet smell when the breeze blows. we only got a few big trout, they are still dwelling at the bottom waiting for the crawdads to all crawl out, and we saw quite a few.........the really good trout fishing is during the monsoon season when you have to get there at the crack of dawn and get chased off the lake by 1pm by rain and lightning with a limit of fat trout. lastly, here's the big/bad news around the garro house - denise is on crutches. she cracked her tibial plateau. we're not sure how long she is down, but it has cut out biking for both of us for a little while. sucky, but we've seen worse. it's slowed down production in the shop a bit as we have to cooperate on just about everything we do {how many gimps does it take to.....} and she keeps stealing my wheelchair when i lay down, stranding me. but, i'm brazing ted's bike up this morning before it gets hot and allan's is back from paint. i'll put up pics of both in my next post. careful out there! steve.


devin said...

Give her a big hug and tell her good luck, the two of you are Super Strong.

mimbres man said...

Sorry to hear that about Denise. Hope she gets well soon.

Japhy rider said...

o man! sure hope she leaves you w/i arms' reach of the percolator so you can at least be all fired up by time your scooter gets back.

news of the day - i'm putterin around in the garage and Amanda's out t.r.'n (test ridin') her new baby porter - 8.75 month's pregnant! that her Coconino "Dahlia" (not to be confused with the Johnny Cash song/cover about shooting a woman) adventure tourin' bike is still rolling a 2x6 Shimano 105 drive train, now w/ a Charriot grommet carrier en tow. i think the flag needs a jolly rogers, or at least a TBS highway placard sticker.

ya'lls take care.


keep on keepin' on, amigos.

Rossco said...

Hey Steve, just wanted to say Hi and that I have been admiring your craft in the frame forum the last few nights after stumbling upon it in search of some fillet advice.
You are a great ambassador to this community of people, its great to see some one with a wealth of knowledge taking the time to help others, keep up the great work, Rossco, in New Zealand.
Enjoy the fishing!

PS theres some amazing trout fishing down here!

Pablo said...

Dang, you guys are pulling some nice fish out of those lakes. I usually got skunked 9 times out of 10. The 10th time is what kept me coming back.