Thursday, April 03, 2008

back from mexico!

here's some pics......did too much cool stuff to list, but here's some highlights: we kayaked with sea lions and dolphins and saw a whale, got in swells in the open sea big enough to get scared, caught and ate some cool looking fish, hooked something big enough to tow our tandem kayak into the wind for fifteen minutes which i lost. {probably fortunately.} fixed bikes for elson and the nice folks of puerto lobos, sonora. lived off the grid on passive solar power for a week, bbq-ed a fish for elson's birthday big enough for twenty people, ate great food all week, showed denise what real tortillas and fish tacos are like, bought a bunch of cool stuff at the farm store in caborca, and found the mother load of chiltepines. a great time! viva mexico! steve.


Sam said...

very cool! working on local kids bikes, way to rock! That looks like a genuine good time en mexico.

Andrew Campbell said...

nice to see you guys having fun in the sun -- and to see you're back safe.


Japhy rider said...

you Garros have a keen sense of reality - picking up on color, emotion, hardship, stoke, memories.

that 2nd pic gives me warm fuzzies

how did the old man and the sea story go? fishing line cutting through his fingers, hanging on...

happy to have you home, but it's great to hear about traveling in Mexico. i suspect you and Denise affected as many people in Baja as in the rest of the world.

thanks for sharing!

mimbres man said...

Your LongHaul is a thing a beauty. Paddling in open water on big swells is somewhat intimidating yet invigorating. I've done kayak "wheelies" in my Klepper in heavy chop. Those boats (LongHauls and Kleppers) are very stable.
Looks like you hooked one...
Someday we got to do a paddle together!

BTW My brother gave me a jar of some of those little round chiles and a ironwood grinder (shaped like a fish) for Christmas. Turning out to be my favorite gift...Man those things are great! Spice up everything from eggs to soup. TASTY!
Mmmm, Fish tacos and Pacifico!
Viva Mexico!

Mimbres Man

Francois said...

Nice ! It looks like you stayed one month, not one week !

dp said...

that tecate stand is enough to make me pack my bags and leave right now!

Anonymous said...

Is that a vulture in the cactus? This vulture is cold. Mexico looks nice and warm, hmm, folding kayak.
cheers, Wade

steve garro said...

sorry, vulture, it's an osprey........the vultures were all chillin' down by the beach eatin' stinky things...... garro.

u2metoo said...

Paddle on Steve! Thanks for your input on the Coati.