Saturday, March 15, 2008

spring beginning in the red rocks.

went for a great ride in the dry creek area yesterday for a good 4 1/2 hours, it put me on the couch for the rest of the night. conditions were about as good as it gets! it's hard to beat the dry creek basin right now, riding through all the cold refreshing water crossings in the desert is a real treat, and the dogs dig it, and we don't have to carry water for them. spring is coming quick - the cottonwoods are budding out and all the fruit trees are blooming around sedona. get out and go before it gets hot! steve.


Rody said...

Steve, it's official, I hate you...still begging to see the sun and break 40 degrees here in Woo town :(

Looking forward to some of that desert luvin next month baby!



steve garro said...

hate is a strong word, rody........maybe i can make it up to you with a breakfast at martans......see you in a month! steve.

Japhy rider said...

getting fired up to participate in the Sedona Circ. are you going to be around that weekend? any chance we'll see you on the trails? if not, i'd be stoked to pop in and say hello April 5th-ish.

great pics of Sally taking a lavish mud bath!

Mark McD

steve garro said...

i think we may be just getting back from kayaking in sonora, mex. we may not get back before the 6th or so...... i don't pay much attention to them calender thingys.....more just the seasons nowadays - snow season, wind season, dust season, trout season, rain season, fall..... steve.