Saturday, March 01, 2008

pvb's bike coming right along.

well, paul's bike is coming along, done allot of curved toptube 29ers in the last few years, i sorta know where the jig should go and where to trim the chainstays and stuff - just makes it go along faster then say, a 10" mtb frame where there's almost no room for all the essential things. paul does his share of riding and endurance events, so i know this rig is gonna see some good use. sooooo...... here's some detail/random shop pics. first, sometimes things just really go your way, like this dropout slot. it fits perfectly first shot, done with nothing but my fixture, a machinist's square, a sharpie, and a sharp hacksaw blade. it sure speeds stuff up when you can just nail it. then, pics of the rotating mill vise i use to hold my chainstay fixture while i braze the dropouts in, and one of my mill coping both stays at once to keep everything all lined up. handy! i sure don't miss taking a whole day to do that by hand. then, the final step on cameron's frame, stamping the serial # and drilling the vent hole so all the moisture can drip out. lastly, i thought this picture would be hands AFTER i washed them......they are pretty much one big callous from wheelchairing, crutching, filing, handcycling and rowing. i sure can pick up hot things, though! steve.


Cyclebound said...

Hey Steve, just wondering how you stamp the serial # in. I saw the stamps in the photo but was wondering if you hit them with a hammer or what? The weather was pretty sweet for a few days huh?

steve garro said...

yep, well timed whacks with a ballpeen hammer. you can see the bb plugs that fit inside of the shell in the picture, they keep in nice'n'round. steve.