Wednesday, March 19, 2008

kaisei cross bike for frank.

sooo, i've been waiting for this build to start for quite a while. it's a new high-end kaisei japanese tubeset i got from UBI. it's really, really nice! the finish on the tubes is some of the finest i've ever seen, inside and out, and the tubes are straighter then almost any tubeset i've checked - to within a few thousandths of an inch. also, the butting lengths are to spec and very crisp. i chose the nicr-mo nickle-molybdenum alloy heat treated front triangle, with a 26.8mm top tube and a 31.8mm down tube, both .8/.5/.8mm butting profile. the seat tube is a single butted .9/.6mm, and a 1" headtube was included. the kit includes fork makings as well, and i chose the thicker blades for canti use, and a 1" steertube was included. for the stays i got some really elegant round/oval/round chainstays, and went with the bigger 16mm seatstays, once again for cantilever brake usage. all in all, an easy menu for ordering tubes, and a well-rounded tubeset that is gonna ride really, really well. also in the super-goody department are the llewellen stainless steel front and rear dropouts with cast-on double eyelets, and dazza's signature downtube cablestops as well. soooo.....some build shots of the front triangle. first, the raw tubeset and sundries with the fork which i made last week. next, a shot of the hand made 4130 seattube sleeve, headtube, and bottom bracket shell, all faced, cleaned and drilled with vent holes. then, a shot of checking the tubes for bowing. the butts have also been marked. next i build the seat tube/bb assembly, brazing on the sleeve, drilling all the holes for seat tube slots and vents and h20 holes, and then checking it for straightness on the alignment table. next, a shot of tube mitering - the tube block follows the tube through the process and keeps the copes in phase to each other. then, assembling the triangle tube by tube. any questions?


Rick J said...

Oh Man, what a pleasant thing to read this morning. Your spec description and the pictures make me salivate with envy.

Anonymous said...

I'm diggin' the kinda step by step pics. Very nice. The butting inside that tube looks yummy.