Monday, February 18, 2008

update on cameron's frame/wheels for sale

just a quick post here. cameron's frame is really looking great, i assembled the segmented seatstays yesterday, and i'm going to go out and do the bending on them and maybe get it all brazed up. i'm gonna go biking tomorrow for the first time in about a month - man, i need to see som dirt! hope i remember how! also, i have this extra wheelset for sale, i figured if i had to lace one, i might as well do two. price is $350.00, no tax outside arizona, does not include shipping. wheels are 26". black deore xt centerloc hubs WITH shimano 6-bolt adaptors and quick releases, black dt swiss 14ga. spokes & nips, dt swiss x-430 disc specific rims {not rim brake compatable} and velox rim tape. first e-mail to me at: gets em'. hand laced and tensioned by yours truly, straight and round. rock on, steve.


AteMrYeats said...


What size tip do you like for brass brazing?

steve garro said...

that would be a victor #1. it's been cleaned alot with a tip cleaner, so it may be slightly bigger by now. i used a #0 when i started, and tried a #2, but #1 seems juuussst right! steve.

Rody said...

Yo Steve...good looking wheels, may help you sell them if you give the wheel size though :)



steve garro said...

uuuuhhhh..... thanks, rody. you know all the right questions! steve.