Wednesday, February 13, 2008

handmade bike show 2008 - it's a wrap!

well....... that was quite some gathering of the tribe! it was really great seeeing everyone! all the bike folks: DW, richard a deb sachs, bruce gordon, rody, bill grove, brian baylis, fred, the sycips, curtis and mitzi inglis, paul sadoff and simon, mark norstad, thursday, margo, peter weigle, the hunters, shawn walling, ron andrews, carl strong, mike desalvo, ron sutphin, the dirtrag crew, the folsons and the true temper gang, joe bringheli, all the frame forum freaks, all five wades, neil hassan, drew, ginger, dazza, the rebolledos, joe bringheli, kirk pacenti, steve beomke, liz and mark from spectrum, jim kish, and all the builders who showed and the groupies who made it happen, and to the flag crew and the ex-flag crew who showed up: yod, lisa, keenan & rylin, billy & libby, smithers, joe, stu, lars & julie, edie, dirtburner, vulture & jessica and jen & mike. i can't belive the cuban resturaunt was able to seat all 17 of us. the whole deal was overwhelming, i didn't get to see half of everything cool, saw some stuff that blew my mind, and saw some stuff i didn't think was cool, and saw some stuff that was just poorly done or was way too "concept car" for me. {how can you make that stuff and still find time to build bikes to sell?} and had some folks really dig on what i was doing. it seemed like everyone knew my name, and liked my fillets. there's no way i can convey it all, but here's some pics........ back to work tomorrow, steve.


Quixotic Bicycles said...

Hi Steve- Great to meet you and Denise at the show. Thanks for chatting for a bit.

Are you doing all your clean up work by hand still?

BB areas are especially killer for me, though cleaner fillets are helping. All those transitions, and my attention span...

Thanks again,

Eric (Mr.E)

Andrew Campbell said...

welcome back, Steve! heard nice things about the show from our mutual friend, Eric, in Eugene. a lot of beautiful bikes to see.

we head out this afternoon. we may be able to blog from Fungolia, so we'll do our best to keep you + D posted.


dp said...


Your bikes look PRO as per usual. Wish I could have made it out. You think you'll make it to the midwest in 09?


steve garro said...

yep, eric........ that's all done by hand, brain, and eye. my favorite part! hey, do those sweet full sleeves help you warm? steve.

Eric said...

They sure do! Come summer I actually start looking for white long sleeves if I'm out on the bike all day.

This last BB is much better. Big fillets on the head tube, smaller ones on the chain stays...

Kerry said...

Steve, I can even contain myself it's going to be singleseed heaven

Anonymous said...

Hey Steve, I'm happy to know that the trip is so nice and you and D returned with big smiles. I checked out some of my friends, Vulture, Unagi... on your blog, oooooh, I wished I'd been in the river city.

I checked Ron the King cage from Durango as well, do you know he is Toshi's friend? I heard they had good rides and good beers the other days so we have some special "single malt cages" on our O-take bikes now. Cheers!