Thursday, February 28, 2008

first handcycle ride of 08'.

well, finally got out for a handcycle ride yesterday, and it was gorgeous! almost 70*, in stark contrast from our snow and cold, and only < 30mi. away! the trails were perfect, every rivulet is flowing clear, cold water and the views were superb. i went from the end of jordan road to the top of the descent to midgely bridge and back, a nice distance for a first ride to try and get my coordination, muscles and joints back in action, and my sternum tough. i'm pretty over the snow, as are many others {especially those with roof problems} and i'm ready for biking/boating/fishing/building with the garage door open season to start! march is usually a high precipitation month however.......with much of the massive coconino plateau over a mile high, weather is usually taken on a day-to-day basis. off to work, i'm starting pvb's bike, got cameron's to go off to paint, some custom wheels for mimbres man in venezuela to build, and a bunch of movies for the mountain film festival to screen - i'm on the judges panel again this year. busy, busy! steve.

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Eug? said...

Yo Gardu,

Thanks for sending me some info directing me towards more awesome places to visit on the trek Al Sur.

I'm in El Bolson, Argentina at the moment, about 130 km south of Bariloche. It is hard to go wrong as long as you stick to the cordillera, keep the chin up, and the ears open for the next good opportunity.

Food here is rocking, just had a trout pizza for about 10 bucks.

Wish we had a canoe or kayak, so many awesome lakes to explore. But the muchilla is getting us where we want to go more or less.

Being away is from home is getting me all fired up to make the most of what I have there when I get back.

I'm excited to build some metal art, furniture, and I have a secret project I'll tell you about on the phone sometime.

I'm glad you are back on the handbike again, I know it must be hard on you when it is snowing so much you can't ride near the house.

Rocking the yellow Coconino shirt you and Denise gave me on my last visit. ¨"Hecho en Flagstaff" is pretty universal for "tough as nails, and purty too".

Signed up for the Puff again this year. I hope you and Denise can come back to Oregon in the summer again someday.