Tuesday, February 19, 2008

denise finally gets her new bike - last clean pics!

denise just took off on her new rig - it was in transit from the bike show until today and we built it right up. it sure looks sweet! the 650b/27.5" wheels sure look ergonomic on her size bike, they fit perfect. thanks to mark and liz at spectrum powder for the awesome powdercoat, ron andrews at king cage for stoking it out at the show with a full set of titanium king cages, lizardskins for the custom grips, and all the great parts manufactuers for helping put together such a great build - hubs and bottom bracket from phil wood, cranks and freewheels from white industries, paul components for the entire brakeset, chris king for the headset, thomson for the stem and post, hope qr's {my new fave} brooks saddles, walt at waltworks, and everybody at the show who helped us box and ship this stuff back to arizona - hope the flask of hornitos anejo and the rounds of beer were sufficient for all your help. she's out getting it muddy right now! steve.


devin said...

Nice sliders,, That is one hell of a beautiful bike. She is only going to be faster now.. Ron is a good guy he is hooking the team up with cages, noting but good stuff to say.. Keep up the awesome work full on inspiration.

mimbres man said...

Nice! I like that wheel size. Doesn't look cartoonish like the 29".