Saturday, February 02, 2008

cosmic ray's bike all built up.

ray cruised by in between snowstorms to show off his bike all built up - looks classic, functional, and sweet! steve.


Andrew Campbell said...

that is one sweet touring/commuter bike. primo!

have fun in PDX.

swiggco world said...

Cosmic Ray, still in effect.....looks like you built him his ride for the next 40 years. Very that a fork that you made ? I like the fact that the bike is black like all the old Raleigh three speeds...of course this bike is 1,000 times nicer.

steve garro said...

yep, ray is still very much in effect, and cranking right along at 62! he wanted it to be euro touring camo so it wouldn't stick out in hostels or the bike car on trains. the fork was sold as prestige. it had a prestige sticker so ray wanted it so it could match the prestige sticker on the seattube. he knew exactly what he wanted for every part! steve.

wolfy said...

Well done steve!