Monday, February 25, 2008

cameron's bike winding down, and pvb's starting up.

almost done on cameron's bike. it's great to feel almost better! i'd probally have it done if i hadn't trashed a set of seat stays on a day when i was trying to work and shoulda just stayed in bed. boy, i layed down some nice brazes on this bike! polishing them down has been pretty easy, i should finish the frame tomorrow. here's some before and after shots. i really like polishing brass! it looks so purty when you're all done, and if you get your brazing down it really doesn't take that long. sooooo.......on to pvb's bike. he's already got a 26" wheel coconino that's been on the trail for a good four years or so, doing lots of ultra-endurance racing in the rockies area - it's blue. his new rig is going to be a 29er single speed with discs. here's a quick tubing list - headtube, 37mm true temper. down tube, 1.5" x .9/.6/.9 verus heat treat. seat tube, vht single butt .9/.6 x 1.125" with a 1.25" x .058 seatube sleeve. toptube, 4130 1.25" x .035, curved. chainstays, dedacciai zero-tre s-bend. hand bent segmented 4130 seatstays. paragon bottom bracket and slider lites. it'll be sweet! and, denise's current stable plus barry's bike over for a visit. that's a sweet stack of metal. later, steve

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