Sunday, February 17, 2008

back to work!

well, went through about 50 e-mails, a stack of mail, paid bills and taxes, cleaned the shop, and got back to real work. already got cameron's front triangle tacked together. it is going to be sweet. i used the lightest curved toptube i supply, 1.125 x .028. thin stuff! also, ran a newer, stronger truetemper seattube that i'm starting to use on most models - not that there was anything wrong with the old ones, these just have a higher tensile strength and fit more riders while still allowing use of the entire butt length at the bottombracket shell. and, they are made in the USA. the down tube is a sweet shaped prestige model i have a few of still. they are flat oval at the headtube, and smaller and round at the bottombracket junction. super nice tubing! today i'm going to go out and install the chainstays and start the seatstays. i should have it up and off to paint pretty soon. also, laced and tensioned a big stack of wheels......still have one to go. a set is going to cameron, and i'll post a set for sale when i get them all good to go. how much snow do we have? check out this pic of denise shoveling - OUT SIDE THE WINDOW. talk to you soon! steve.

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