Friday, February 22, 2008

back in action/random images

feeling better today, about 75% of all better. did a bunch of errands and got camerons bike all tacked together too. i would have gotten it all brazed up but my right leg kept spasming so violently i could barely braze straight. folks wonder how i can do clean brazes in a chair. you have to learn to work with what you have got - like learning to braze with both hands. and you have to have each move choreographed before you do it. also, here's an upcoming project - frank p.'s commuter, which is going to be built out of heattreated kaisei tubing and llewellen dropouts with a lugged fork. i'll blog the whole build. i might be one of the first builders in the usa to get a set of the heat treated kaisei - UBI is importing it and has had just the non-heat treated until now, and ron sent me a tubeset to build and supply feedback. initial feedback - it looks SWEET!!! the INSIDES look better then most available offering's OUTSIDES. reminds me of prestige that way. i'm gonna finish cameron's and PVB's bikes and then start frank's. next, on to one of the most ludicrous tags i've seen in a while - "waterproof" - right next to a hole. ???? and, a shot of the current snow level from the shop with sally and cody. tomorrow, i'm meeting with a group from phoenix to try nordic sit-skiing, so, it's off to bed. later, steve.


Aki said...

Good to hear that you are almost recovered. Sweet Japanese Kaisei tubes, that remind we used to know as Ishiwata.
I prefer good old Prestage most but Kaisei is nice as well cos it's made in Japan.
I am really intersting these forks made by coconino... yeah, it should be so sweeeeet!

Take care, yo Steve!


devin said...

have fun with the skiing you have the arm and upper body strength to go fast. Enjoy the snow,...

Quixotic Bicycles said...

Ministry and fire!

Please post a report on the Kaisei- the non heat treat is pretty sweet.

Have fun on the sit ski, its a blast!