Thursday, January 10, 2008


did a good amount of polishing on ray's frame yesterday. almost there..... "just" have the bottombracket/seattube/chainstay junction to do, which has almost as much polishing as the rest of the frame, and is all tight little corners and hard-to-reach areas as well. also, as my brazing has gotten smoother and smoother over the years i have found myself reverting back to almost completely hand polishing my frames, not using dremels or sanding machines, except for a 1/16th inch diamond carbide bit in the tighest of spaces. i actually really enjoy sculpting fillets, it's relaxing and you get to see the fruition of your labours and the culmination of the thousands of fillets i've layed and the pounds of rod that i have melted. check out ray's headtube junctions.....yep, they're that shiny. allot of folks ask what brazing materials i use. i use gasflux brass rod and flux exclusively. i get it from henry james in redondo beach, CA. it has nickle in it's alloy, leading to higher fluidity and higher tensile joint strenth. good stuff! hopefully gonna get this baby all done today.....steve.


Anonymous said...


That headtube shot is glorious in it's perfection.

You can put me back a few places, if it could possibly get any better than that! Kidding.....

IMO, you're doing the finest work in the business.....that's why I chose the builder I did.

Preskit Matt

steve garro said...

thanks, matt! coming from a guy who has owned his fair share of sweet-ass bikes that's quite a compliment! steve.

Anonymous said...

Your quit welcome, and do deserve praise.

I'm a no-BS guy, and when I see craftsmanship, attention to DETAIL and the work ethic you exhibit, that's were the money goes.

Did I earn my discounted price??

lee said...

lee t says that when i ain't making tele turns (read that as faceplanting) i just sit and stare at my coconino and revel in the beauty of the bike. weasels (full name of bike is 'weasels ripped my flesh') is by far the nicest thing i own and that makes me a happy guy.

love ray's and my fillets and glad you make such splendid bikes steve!

muchos besos

mimbres man said...

That HT junction is a work of art Steve. Beautiful.