Thursday, January 24, 2008

last ride in sedona before the snow.

today's blog post is mostly gonna be visual content. but, can you have too many sedona pics? truly, a beautiful place. we are truly lucky to live in the world's biggest ponderosa pine forest at 7000ft, yet have this red rock splendor only 30 minutes away at 4000-4500ft. got in a quick ride in sedona yesterday before the snow moved in. woke up to about an inch of snow on the ground and more falling from the sky......i think it's gonna snow for a few more days. filing and polishing away on keri's bike, it's gonna go to the show too. almost done.... i expect john w.'s bike to be back from paint any day, too. it's gonna be green. ral-6011, to be exact, we haven't seen that color yet, but, it's hard to go wrong with green or blue. if you hated green or blue, you would probably be one pissed off person living on this planet. maybe that's what's wrong with some folks. also, a fillet pic from keri's bike, and some real-deal chili tepin that BT brought us from a roadside stand in northern new mexico. white folks hang these on their walls, but they are for COOKING!!! i hate seeing them rot. these got blended up with some tomatoes, salt, vinegar, and water into some mighty powerful salsa's gotta sit and blend for a few days, then it will be ready for some tasty toppin's. you can bet this will light you up, fix what's illin' ya and clean the pipes! might eat rust, too! steve.


Anonymous said...

Hey Steve nice red rock shots! Glad to see you've been getting out on the trails, it is primo in Sedona right now!The frame is looking great,I'm honored it's going to the show. As beautiful as your bikes are painted I think it's good for people to see the work and beauty underneath it all. Maybe the salsa roja could melt driveway ice as well! Keri

mimbres man said...

You can make some real New Mexico red chile sauce.
- Boil the pods to get them soft.
- Put the pods in the blender, and pulse the bender to break them up. You don't want to liquify the seeds or skin. Just get it pulpy.
- Strain the pulp removing the seed and skin.
- Add water, garlic, and salt to your pulp liquid. Simmer at low heat.
- To give it a toasty flavor, make a rue of oil and flour. Then add that to your sauce. Let it simmer some more.
- Taste. Add salt or garlic or water as needed.
- Now make some real NM flat enchiladas!

mimbres man said...

New Mexico style enchiladas
- quick fry corn torillas in oil. Remove and allow to drain excess oil.
- smear red chile sauce on the tortilla.
- diced onion, shreaded cheese (sharp cheddar is good)
- Repeat until you have a stack of about 4 or 5. Top layer, Sauce, onions, cheese, and a fried egg on top...more chile sauce.

Keri said...

Hey Steve good to see your getting some ride time in Sedona,the trails are sweet right now!I'm honored to have my frame going to the show.As beautiful as a finished/painted frame is, I think it's nice to see the craftsmanship and beauty of what lies beneath. Do you think your salsa roja is hot enough to melt driveway ice?
Oh better just use it in some enchiladas! cheers K