Tuesday, January 29, 2008

i ain't been slackin': john's bike, matt's bike, cameron's bike.

got john w.'s bike back from paint today, looks sweet! the name of this color is "celery". i like it. maybe because i like celery......here's some smooooth detail shots. quite nice, almost tempted to take it to the show, but it's gonna go to it's new home in charlottesville, virginia instead. and, progress on preskit matt's bike. it might just get brazed up tomorrow if everything goes smoothly. and, i began fabbing cameron's bike, getting all the bits shiny. i love it when i get the assembly line thing going. happens every winter...... rock on, steve.


Andrew Campbell said...

Not so sure about 'celery' but then again I don't like celery. But it's not your average color and whoever does your paint does a really nice job.

Have fun in PDX. Eat some good food and drink some good beer for us.


Rody said...


I always enjoy the random shop photo...I've got a bucket full of cut offs just like yours! Found myself fishing through it today to do an emergency repair on an old schwinn seat post that wandered into the shop with a tear jerking story and no hope for compensation...I'm such a sucker :)

Looking forward to breakfast next week,


steve garro said...

andrew: no celery? doesn't it grow in scotland? i guess you scots probally don't trust any vegetable you can't dig out of the ground..... rody: that's the lowest rung on the recycling food chain, the "mill bucket" then there is the "cutoff bucket", where pieces that might still be good for something go until made into braces or who knows what. then, there is the straight-up recycling bucket, where useless stuff like chainstay ends, paper, and cans go. even a dirty shop needs organisation! steve.