Sunday, January 06, 2008

haunted fishtank tells lies.....

computer is on! i can recieve e-mails, but cannot download pictures, or open, if you send me files, i will not be able to open it! you can send me e-mails, or call me no problem! 928-774-7747. the blog may be a little more boring though......hopefully i will get the cd to re-boot all my programs in a few days, so i can continue to post current build pics. ray's bike is all brazed up, and while it has been soaking, i'm getting a start on keri's bike. it is DUMPING snow here. we have at least three feet in the yard. keeps the shop nice and toasty! i'll try and think up some fun topic to rant about tonight! keep warm, ya'll. steve.


Anonymous said...

You guys are getting all the good stuff up there! Mostly rain here, with about an inch or so of the fluffy stuff on the ground this morning. At least it's MOISTURE, eh! starting on Keri's bike has me almost in tears today....I'M NEXT!!

I'm giddy with anticipation Steve. Can Spectrum do a nice "Ti-look"? I'd imagine so. Lemme know.

preksit matt

Japhy rider said...

it's cold and sideways snowing here in SE Wyoming. snomo'd past the Continental Divide Trail today en route to field sites for snow sampling. it must be a different world here in late June, but not that different. can't wait to ride bicycles on it someday.

stay warm,
Japhy rider