Sunday, January 13, 2008

a fun ride in sedona with friends.

went for a great ride in the drycreek area in sedona yesterday with denise and friends meg and andrew from NYC. it was a beautiful day in the low 60's with just enough clouds to cast some cool shadows. did private idaho/snake trail/dawa/cockscomb/private idaho, about a 3 1/2 hour ride. did really well on the technical riding including the stream crossings. it was fun to get out in the woods with some different folks and have then see our cool neck of the woods. the trails were just the right amount of tackiness to make carving turns really fun, yet not moist enough to be seriously gloopy. i don't think i'd be very happy not living 30 miles from the desert in the winter..........oh well, gotta finish off my 10th cup of coffee, get the shop up to working temp, and get some chainstays on keri's bike. more progress shots soon, steve.


Anonymous said...


Can you do a bit of blog spot concerning the aerobic/anaerobic'nessof riding the One Off? I'm certainly curious, is it more like pedalling, or more like lifting weights? Or the perfect combo? You did tell me that it was akin to SS'ing, grunting up the climbs and such.

I'd LOVE to do some downhill on that sucka, but ain't no way these spindly arms could do the climbing you do!

Preskit Matt

steve garro said...

man, after a ride i am DONE. i have been sooooo tired i couldn't even roll over or eat dinner. it's not as aerobic as cycling, you don't "spin", your arms just aren't set up that way. it's all power. i suspect competitive rowing must feel similar. i've been more worked by far after a six hour handcycle ride then a 100 mile mountain bike race - and i did a shitload of those! steve.