Sunday, January 20, 2008

cat's outta the bag/first look at my show bikes

well. decided to snap some pics before i boxed up the bikes to go to the handmade bike show in portland, oregon. it's only a few weeks away, so i figured what's the harm! the flower bike is denise's 650B/27.5" single speed mountainbike/commuter. as well as running 650b 2.35" knobbies it will also run 700c road wheels or cross tires if you slide the pads up the paul bmx motolite brakes. it also has paul levers, a king headset, phil hubs and bb with a flip-flop in the back, white industries freewheels and cranks, thomson post and stem, a ladie's brooks b-17, hope levers and velocity rims. the paragon sliders also alow the use of a derailleur, discs, or a rohloff hub. the paint job is all powdercoat including the logos and her name. sweet. second is gillis's bike. a 29er race bike, all xtr with a fox fork, 29er crossmax wheels and select goodies......whatcha think? i'll post detail pics later. see you all in portland, steve.


Anonymous said...

Nice job Steve!

I dig the 650B wheels!

See you at the show.

Anonymous said...


Nice job, I really dig the 27.5" wheels!

Andrew Campbell said...

Guess this means I can post that pic of D. riding that fabby new bike around your kitchen!!! Beautiful bikes, Steve.

Looks like you had a good ride the other day, too.


Anonymous said...

stuff looks pretty bad ass, steve. it is what we've come to expect from you!

keep up the good blog and great work!


Sabrosa Cycles said...

hot! denise's pony is spectacular.

Sabrosa Cycles said...

hot! denise's pony is spectacular.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love the flowers on the paint. Nice build too.

Wish I could buy you and Denise and MGullo some burritos or beverages up in POrtland during the show. Both bikes look rocking'

maybe see you both in Sedona in April.


the original big ring said...

ding dang dong! damn nice bikes Steve!


velomatt said...

What's the story on Denise's fork ?
Did you make that one ?


steve garro said...

thanks, all. they turned out pretty damn nice. that blue 29er is LIGHT. that new XTR is pretty wacky stuff......pretty damn hi-tech. the brake pods/shifters look like a 23 piece hammer, for shure. denise's fork was made by good old walt to my specs. it is SHORT - 400mm atc, i think. still plenty of mud clearance. i'm not too hip on the loooong atc rigid forks. rock on, thanks for lookin', the show is gonna be a hoot! steve.

devin said...

They just keep getting better. Good luck at the show.

Eug said...

Gillis, as in Shawn Gillis?
I hope so, he is a total inspiration to me. Remember riding house mountain/Turkey Creek together with him a few years ago? You did a super long nose wheelie coming into a switchback, almost went over the front, pulled in back down and made the corner. I was like "rad, I'm riding with Steve Garro, this is cool", then we shredded with Gillis back around the super fast single track at the bottom. That was my first ride with you, I'll never forget it.

Shred on Garro,


mark said...

sweet stuff from Doggie Dell,,,,,,,,the hits just keep coming!

J. Bikegeek said...

Groooooovy. B- nice.