Tuesday, January 08, 2008

back in action!

got the computer back in action thanks to a shitload of time courtesy of serge. thanks, serge! had to erase everything and start over. sooo..... to catch up on the last few days, didn't get much done today, spent the day running errands getting all sketched out on the ice, just waiting to fall every step. totally gripping and stressful, even with the crutch crampons that deanne got me from crested butte adaptive sport center. walking on the ice is pretty safe, it's when you fold them up and hit tile floors with wet crutch tips that things get scary. hitting the ground with a titanium femur that's still healing two years later after being shattered in twenty pieces and two spinal fusions with plates, rods, setscrews and plain 'ole screws hurts, allot. anyway, on the homefront, got ray's bike all brazed up. looks cool! gonna file that baby down tomorrow. it's a traditional 700c tourer able to accommodate 29er tires. pretty sweet. i'll post more pics as it gets shiny-er. and, keri's bike-to-be. a dedicated 26" 1-speed with paragon sliders. straight toptube. it's gonna be light and fast. lastly, a good pic of what happens when you wave a 6,000 degree oxy-acetylene torch at your arm from a couple feet away. don't try this at home! what a FNG move......more soon, my photos being back on line saved me from having to write my essay on heat treated tubing and fatigue cycles......yay! steve.


Anonymous said...

Hey Steve,

I'd still like to read that essay on heat treated tubing and fatigue cycles. Got any links to good reads on those subjects? Post 'em up on the forum?!

Rays frame is looking nice!


Anonymous said...

Keep the torch away from your arm and on the tubing, please.

Can't believe Grillo is heading for FeSanta.

see you in teh spring, peteC, san jose

Anonymous said...

Damn...hot coffee, bee pollen and welding torches.

I must be living too safe!

Preskit Matt

Walt said...

Dude, that's why TIG is far superior - you can burn AND electrocute yourself!

Good to see the ol' computer is working again, Mr. Steve.


steve garro said...

wow! sounds like i'm missing out! maybe i'll stick one end of the brass rod into a light socket and see if i can do both with what i have! steve.

Sabrosa Cycles said...

great looking touring rig. it is shocking to open your blogger and see staight top tubes... and socket dropouts. The bike looks stellar - even without the fillets polished.

steve garro said...

thanks, JR! 'course, i'ts nuthin like that beauty you're putting countless hours into {although i guess you are counting....} ray wanted a traditional kinda bike, but it's gonna take 29er tires. how about those socket dropouts? kinda like cheating! they even already have 2 sets of eyelets on them! steve.

mimbres man said...

Ray's bike is killer. Can't wait for the paint. That might be the bike I've been waiting for...with S & S couplings of course.
Very cool!