Wednesday, January 02, 2008

1st. post of 2008!

well, howdy, all. just recovering from a 4 1/2 hour handcycle slog yesterday in sedona. man, it was brutal. my arms truly ache! did cockscomb/rupp/az cypress/dawa/cockscomb. loose, rocky, and rolly with some deep sand. sand REALLY bogs you down with three wheels pumped up to around 20psi, not to mention that you are pedaling with your arms. sorta cold, too. a 3-jersey day. the dogs don't look too fired up today, and if they are tired then that's a good sign that it was a good ride. it was a great way to start the year, a day in the high desert with denise. also, got denise's bike back from spectrum powder works and built it up for the handmade bike show. sorry, no pictures. you are all gonna have to wait for the bike show this year to see what i'm bringing..... all i'll say is that the paint job costs about $600.00. yep, you read that right. my other complete show bike is also at paint, and parts are on the way. fox fork and xtr. that's all i'm saying on that one. it's coming up quick.......feb. 8/9/10th, portland, oregon. see you there. also, custom bike slots are filling up for 2008! i'm taking orders for october right now, so if you want a coconino next year, pony up quick! i've got bikes going out to virginia, washington dc, nevada, colorado, florida, california, kansas, and illinois, as well as orders all over arizona. going out today to put all the finishing braze-ons on john's bike, and then it's going to paint. next is cosmic ray's almost-all-prestige touring bike, keri's 26" singlespeed racer, and preskit matt's curved toptube 29er one speed. also, found "biking circle", a web site tracking blog popularity and traffic, and out of almost 200,000 cycling blog sites coconino cycles was ranked 50th! i knew alot of people were tuned in, but that sorta blew me away. soooo...... if you are all so interested, tell me what you want to hear more about, and i will try to comply in between tracking frame and bike builds for my customers. seems the tubing choice post got alot of attention, so i'll try to come up with some more thoughts on that kinda thing. let me know! i must be doing SOMETHING right, so i'm hoping you're diggin' what i'm puttin' down, and i'll keep the pictures rolling! can't you just picture a knobby digging into that turn above.........keep it real! talk to you soon, steve.


devin said...

I got me one of those powder coats and man is it nice. Like all the new stuff Annie's bike looks sweet..

You need to get you hands on We jam Enoco... Good stuff..

steve garro said...

dude, i OWN "we jam econo", along with EVERY minutemen album i'm aware of.....i have been trying to get a copy of "minuteflag", a colaboration between them and black flag that came out on SST records. rock on, viva d. boon, steve.

ong said...

I mostly tune in for the sweet brazing shots, since I'm trying to get the hang of it myself! (Although I'm always kind of floored by the shots of you grinding up some 45-degree rockslide that I'd barely stagger up with my hardtail over my shoulder.)

Look forward to checking out your stuff in Portland (I live about two miles from the show)... hope people will be bringing some unpainted work to show as well!

steve garro said...

thanks, ong, i'll keep 'em coming. i'll have some unpainted work at the show, and maybe some raw suff too......steve.

Anonymous said...

Yea, I always feel like an armchair framebuilder when I read your blog. It is some serious sustained awesomeness. I think I've read every post since you started it. You're a force of nature, bro.
Also, Gullo has that Minuteflag on vinyl. Let's turn it and burn it.
stay rockin'