Wednesday, December 26, 2007

what's for x-mass? how about red dirt and steel?

well, did some bikes, and did some biking. went to sedona on x-mass it's self and did a nice spin in the dry creek area. the air was crisp and windy, but it was also very clear affording great views of the surrounding buttes and the mogollon rim. that's around a three-thousand foot escarpment there. only saw one other person out on the trails. i really dig the arizona cypress forest down in the washes, they have to be some of my favorite trees with their stout form and blue needles. we saw this nice fatty on the aptly named arizona cypress trail. i guess they are a leftover from the last retreating ice age. cool stuff. for Christmas eve david came over for a few cervezas and to do some maintenance on his new-ish coconino. nothin' but thumbs-ups' from him on his new ride. those sliding pacenti horizontal disc mounts coupled with the paragon dropouts sure do work nice with the bb-7 brakes, and hey, it opens beers too! and, here's the progress on john's bike. got the chain stays on all straight and have the seat stays all bent. gonna do them tomorrow, and maybe even get the bike all brazed up too. last bike of 2007! steve.


devin said...

UMMMM red dirt looks sweet. Happy Holidays....The Dirt here is under lots of snow.. Be good see ya in 2008!!

mimbres man said...

Steve and Denise!
Hope you have a good 2008. Best wishes.
I've been in Silver City for Christmas. Didn't bring my time...too cold. I am tropical now.
Hope to see you sometime in the summer.

Graeme said...

Briefly met Denise and a couple other people riding around Chimney Rock over Xmas. Just wanted to drop by and extend a "hello" and to keep up the beautiful bike-making. Cheers...