Thursday, December 06, 2007

sorta fuzzy pics of really cool stuff!

sorry for the dark, shaky pics...... the light this time of year with the shop doors closed against the cold is not so great, and i keep trying to focus better! prepped lee's frame, and it's going out to reno. i'm sure that it's going to see some hard duty! and, annie's frame is all joined up. i actually have a good start polishing it and i'll put up some photos as it gets further along, it is really nice, and the lightest frame i have built in quite a while! the brazes are smooottthhh, so not much work to do there. gotta love that. it's gonna be living here in flagstaff. next up is john's bike that will be going out to charlottesville, va., ray's touring bike {with a straight, LEVEL toptube! what a concept! i'm stoked!} then keri's bike, also local. all the details i know about it so far is that it's a 26" wheel one speed. tried to go ride yesterday, but got turned back by mud and snow. the gates on the roads to the rim lakes may be closed too. sad, sad. maybe getting time for desert recreation! gotta love northern arizona! steve.


Sabrosa Cycles said...

gorgeous fillets. absolutely gorgeous. I would almost feel bad taking a file to those.

Eug said...

Rad pictures and stories Steve.
Without even reading your text, the pictures you post tell your story and the story of the bikes you build very well.

Sweet tool from Salida! Who scored that for you? Scott?, Shawn?

I'm glad to see some snow on the peaks.