Sunday, December 23, 2007

john w.'s bike coming right along.

just started on john's bike yesterday, and really kicked ass on it! so much so, i may take today off from metalwork. i haven't had a relaxing day off where i haven't either done metal fab or wrecked myself armbiking in a long time. I've got allot of neglected cleaning and organising to do.'s some shots from john's build. it's gonna go to charlottesville, virginia to live, a great place to be a mountain bike it's a good old 26" wheeled mtn bike built around a 100mm suspension fork. pretty traditional geometry, 71* headtube angle and 73* seattube angle when sagged 20mm. 1.25" botttombracket drop, 23.75" toptube, 16.75" chainstay lenth. it will ride sweet. as we've been bantering about tubesets, here's what this one is made from: headtube, truetemper, 37mm O.D., truetemper 35mm verus heat treated downtube, .9/.6/.7mm butting profile, nova externally butted seattube with one of my .035 x 1.25" sleeves, dedacciai zerotre s-bend chainstays, 1 1/8" x .035" 4130 toptube, and i'm gonna make my signature seat stays out of 4130. the bottombracket shell and gorgeous dropouts are from paragon machine works. any questions? steve.

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