Tuesday, December 11, 2007

great weather for building bikes.

rocking out shawn's bike. gonna braze it together tomorrow! it looks great, and is really straight - it's already beeen on the alignment table three times in my build sequence. first, the front triangle. then, when the rear chainstays are tacked on, then again after the chainstay brace is brazed in. the dropout faces are aligned to each other on the second and third alignments, and a wheel is stuck in the frame to check clearences as well. the frame looks big until you see the 29er wheel in the drops, huh! lookin' good! the snow seems to be slowing down......it looks like we have about a 2 1/2 feet in the yard. arctic! tomorrow, seatstays. let me know if there are steps you want pics of, or if there are questions about the geometry, or tubing choices steve.


EdelBikes said...

Thanks for the explanations Steve,
The weather is surprisingly similar here ! Raining/snowing all the time since one week... If I could just stay at home framebuilding, instead of commuting under the rain... ;-)

Preskit Matt said...


Might take too long to explain, but I'm interested in the "mix" of tubing you use for a particular frame. I realize they have different strengths and characteristics.

I'm a big ol' lad, as are others you've built for. What's the best "big ol' lad" tubing mix?

Preskit Matt (three inches of snow down south....)