Sunday, December 02, 2007

good stuff, rotten stuff.

well........ the last few days have been "interesting" to put it mildly. i REALLY f'ed up the forks i built.... that's all i'll say, I'm over it. i just have to see it as i got a three day $200.00 fork building lesson. i gotta get/build/modify my set up for my needs and i'll be O.K. if you are gonna screw up, learn from it! on the other hand, annie's bike looks great. i'm gonna braze it up tomorrow. and, i told paul in the yukon that i'd post some detail pics of handbuilding my s-bend stays. also, in the super-cool zone, i got this sweeeeeeeet old vernier caliper from the boys at absolute bikes in salida, colorado! check it out! it's new! this thing is ancient, and really, really nice. stainless steel logos and fancy paint are one thing, but a straight bike is alot cooler. here's annie's bike getting the look over, and man, it is STRAIGHT! and, the view from our couch today. we are super gifted to live where we do. lastly, the hands that make it happen! i would have got a shot of both, but i couldn't hold the camera in my mouth. i tried, too. steve.


Scoty said...

We are glad you like the caliper, Gillis has had that for Years and was so excited that he knew you would use it.

Scoty in Salida

Andrew Campbell said...

Steve: very cool tools -- and even cooler when you know their history. looks like we'll be coming to see you in January. looking forward to it.


stableatspeed said...


Dahlia is running awesome! Mark just switched her from a fixed gear (which I loved) to a geared road/cross bike for me. Maiden voyage was this morning to work - so nice. I'm planning to get her tour worthy now, since that is how she's designed and I had wished she was ready to go when we did the tour of the Black Rock. Still riding her every day and loving it! Thanks for making such a beautiful and functional bike!

We'll see you guys soon when we head to AZ around Christmas.


the original big ring said...

I love seeing how you build these beauties up. Very cool indeed.