Wednesday, December 19, 2007

gillis's bike almost done/another great ride in sedona/cool pics people sent me.

well, with a headline like that do i need to write anything? like it says, gillis's bike only needs brazeons, gonna do them in the morning, gotta think about some options. went pretty smooth, even with chucking the first set of seatstays i made for it. looks sweet! and, it's supposed to snow the next few days, so i got out on a five hour sedona single track ride. it seriously kicked my ass......that's some hard stuff, yo! went up ridge trail, down to secret slickrock, and up post trail to carrol canyon and back. ouch. and, some pics from friends: some shreddin' pics from paul. looks like he knows how to "rock". he's got a 29er coconino on order for this spring to add to his 26" pictured here. and, lee's lava 29er touring bike from reno. looking like a sweet ride! and, a pic of the coconino livewrong cruiser showing how to use the bottleopener option. cool stuff! steve.

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Sean said...

Ahh... Ribsteak's bike. It should have been mine dammit.