Sunday, December 16, 2007

first sedona ride of the season.

finally got out for a ride, it's been a while, at least a couple of weeks since my last ride. i feel sorta sore today! sedona is all about short climbs {at least shorter then flagstaff} but steep and loose, so it's kind of a grovel, especially since some of the northern slopes were still soft from the recent rain and snow. we went up post trail, up carrol canyon, then back to the top of post and down it. good'n'rocky with nice views of cathedral butte, the mace, courthouse butte and bell rock. mighty pretty down there for a semi-urban environment, you're never more then a mile or two from a road or a house. we're mighty lucky to have this less then thirty miles from our house. it was really a pleasant temperature down there, while it was about -5*F here in the morning and only about 20* when we left the house at 11am. my skills have improved allot since last year! had a good time, didn't see anyone else out biking. also, saw scott downtown, and he just got back from riding his coconino from istanbul to beijing! 6,800+ miles! he said it was comfy the entire trip with no issues, although the drivetrain was cooked. we saw him going out to ride it some more in the desert on our way to sedona. gonna build dara a wheel this morning and go make a new set of seat stays for gillis's bike, i didn't like the bends on the first pair i made......too bendy. hope you are all having fun out there too! steve.


Ash Ponders said...

It was good seeing you man, Thanks for letting us bug you with our traveling band of idiots. Norman's frame is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Great offcamber move in picture#1. Gotta get back to the redrocks in the spring.