Saturday, December 08, 2007

annie's bike all done/winter is here!

well as you can see, winter is here! it just rained for two days, and snowed all day today, with more on the way! and, i must say, as a finished package this frame came out REALLY sweet. the way the top tube blends into the hand bent seat stays really works for me......that, and it's quite light, and with the sliding dropouts, versitile. what more could you want? and in a vast improvement, the detail pics of the brazes came out clear, giving you a good look at what i do oh-so-much, make things shiny! also, i'm putting out the request for action pics of all you coconino bike owners with your rigs, or of your bike in some cool locale for blog use. bring em' on! rock on, thanks for reading, steve.


the original big ring said...

those are some nice lines Steve!

Japhy rider said...

OK, here're a few links to some bike tours we've done on the frames you've made us.

last fall's BR-HR tour:

offshore a ways, only water out here is the 2 gallons on my rack!

Smithers watches as Shredder climbs out another High Rock Creek crossing:

donde esta la Llanteria?

clandestine offroad fixing

trail fixing

and, quite possibly, the most excellent difficult trail tour we've attempted: The Grand View Trail, UT:

and what's that old Grimm fairy tale about a golden goose egg?

thanks for making sweet, expedition weight trail bikes.

Japhy rider

g-bob said...

beautiful lines