Saturday, December 29, 2007

annie's bike all done, john's bike all brazed.

you gotta love it when you have the revolving door thing going on with bikes - one in, one out, one tubeset cleaned and another blueprint all drawn up. currently i'm backed up through september, 08'. annie's bike came out GREAT. looks killer, parts all fit perfect, all that good stuff. we're calling this color "cornflower". john's bike is all brazed up, gotta give it it's final lookin' at on the alignment table, and a good bunch of filing and polishing and it's off to paint and charlottesville, va. cosmic ray's bike is up next, it's all drawn up, the tubeset is polished, the headtube and seat collar are cut, and the dropouts are brazed on. keep warm! steve.


lee said...

Hey from Lee T.

Sorry I missed getting your way with the McDs.

Lovin' the bike. Been on it a bunch trying to get racks, position etc all dialed in. Planning a couple short tours in Death Valley coming up soon to properly break it in. Will give you more beta then.

Annie's bike looks awesome. Love the color.

Scoty said...

Annie, Now you gotta come back to Salida and rip! Happy New Years!

Aki said...

A happy new year 2008! All the best for you both.

LB came over this afternoon and he decides to move over to Tokyo. I miss him but he will have better race season in 2008.
Leave your message on his new blog if you can.