Monday, December 10, 2007

ABSOLUTE-ly sweet frame!

got a big start on shawn gillis's new 29er. it got bumped up a couple slots so i could get it to paint in time to get it all built up to go to the north american handmade bike show {NAHBS} in portland, or. on feb. 8/9/10. i'll be sitting alot pretttier and be less stressed when i get this off to paint. but, it's not gonna add alot to the wait list cuz' i'm kicking it out! it's been snowing nonstop for about four days, so i'm getting alot done with no visitors and nowhere else to go. i've known shawn for damn near 20yrs, and he owns absolute bikes in salida, colorado, and is the promoter for the vapor trail 125. this thing is gonna see alot of miles, and be decked out to the 9's. soooo..... here's some cool pics of the ongoing build. any questions? steve.


Sean said...


You probably don't remember me but we met two years ago at that bit of drunken craziness that is Tour de Fat. Anyway, I've been following the blog for quite sometime and I really like what you're putting out there. I look forward to seeing you're bikes at NAHBS.

EdelBikes said...

Hi Steve,
Thanks for these cool pictures !
I have a question regarding the HJ jig: how do you measure/adjust the STA ? It looks like the ST is just "pushed" towards the top-tube by the rear arm. Is it just determined by the TT length ?
Thanks !

steve garro said...

yo, francois: how's the building going? it is exactly as you think: the st angle is determined by the tt length. just nail the tt miter to miter length and you're there! quite simple, actually. this triangle was dead-on to within 1mm of ht twist, which since it was only tacked, needed only a very slight adjustment. thanks for asking! steve.

JG said...

Freddie Fender!! Rock on Steve. Beautiful work. Looking forward to seeing the progress on Sean's
29er. JG

steve garro said...

freddie was THE MAN!! all he had to do was break into "until the last teardrop falls" and the ladies would swoon......steve.

mimbres man said...

Nice play on the title.
My friend, Jenny, formerly of Albuquerque, now works for Shawn up in Salida. Absolutely need to get up there next summer to ride.

Double0b said...


What is the circular item between the TT/DT in the first picture?

steve garro said...

that is a random pulley from a buddy's metalshop. all it does is keep the downtube from falling on the floor while you rotate the lig in a circle to tack it in. steve.