Friday, November 02, 2007

progress on lee's frame.

well, spent most of the morning doing non-glamorous framebuilder stuff like going to the bank and the post office, but got lee's bike to the stage where i'm going to braze it tomorrow morning before i go biking so it can de-flux in the soak tank while i'm gone.'s the frame as she sits. looking pretty. the dropouts are on, and the seatstay and chainstay braces are in. the seatstays are a true work of art! i was really happy with how they came out, i make them from 4 pieces of 4130 and hand bend them, it's hard to get them mirror image with simple presses and arm muscle! and, they mirror the bends of the chainstays perfectly, here they are in the fixture pre-mitering, the process is very similar to the chainstays in the previous post. also, lee's fork and handlebars, courtesey of sean at calaveras cycles. nice work, sean! and, for some random pics: got a box of 40 dedacciai s-bend chainstays, i just burned through the last 20 sets, pretty fast, too. and, the bottom bracket and dropout table. that's alot of dough in steel right there. and, some pics of me putting in braces that denise took. nothing like an oxy/acetelene torch in your lap - careful! and, it's been mighty cold in the morning lately. check out the critters in front of the heater. i think that they think they can turn it on with telepathic powers! steve.

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the original big ring said...

cool to watch you piece together a bike Steve!