Sunday, November 04, 2007

david's bike and lee's bike / bikesbikesbikes

cool stuff today. got to see a project all the way through today, got david's bike running. it's a sweet 26" good-old-regular-one-speed-mountain bike. it has kirk pacenti's disc slot mount on the disc side for horizontal dropouts and discs. pretty clean and simple. dig the burgundy paint with the gold nugget topcoat. all in all, a really clean build. it's staying local in flag. and, lee's bike is in the de-fluxing tank. it's not being punished, you need to soak off the hardened flux post-brazing. i'll post more pics of the raw brazing and polishing in a few days. and, just for fun, a frozen dog bowl and a horney toad. hasta, steve.

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