Tuesday, November 27, 2007

annie's bike coming along nicely.

not much to say, just checking in with a couple of quick pics to show what the current project is looking like. a pretty sweet, light, 26" bike that's gonna see most of it's time as a one speed. the slider dropout plates, however, are available in several configurations such as one speed, geared, disc, and rohlff. pretty versatile! short post today, still have to lace some 29er wheels tonight.....steve.

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Eug? said...

I love Annie's new bike. I bet she will be inspired to ride all over again when she gets it!

OR is cool and rainy. Snow in the high country, rain in Oakridge. Should be in the high 20's tonight though. Haven't been riding too much, but staying busy at the shop.

Mac and Danielle are due to have the baby on Dec 7! Yea Guys! Danielle is super strong and resilient, and doing better than ever.. I don't even know how she does it.

Ty went skiing after school today. So stoked he didn't even care it would be dark by the time they came down.

Love you guys. And dogs too.