Wednesday, October 17, 2007


a quick post before denise & i go meet good buddy eugene for a handcycle/unicycle ride in the yellow aspen leaves. the dogs will be stoked! sooooo, real quick, here's simon's new frame, what a beauty! stayed up late prepping the frame so i could post a pic for him this morning. also, the progress on jim's frame, i love the lines! and, a couple random shop pics, a handmade chainstay bridge/fender mount. i really dig making this stuff by hand! and, slotted dropouts. i'll post a slotted dropout rant soon as to why they are better. and lastly, sally's first turdcicle for the season, she only likes them frozen, a seasonal treat, if you will......outta here, steve.


Craig (the original big ring) said...

That is a beautiful bike . . .

love that drop out too - very clean.

Jim Rhodes said...

Hey Steve. My boys and I are really looking forward to following the progress on my bike. Thanks for posting the updates.


Andrew Campbell said...

That's a nice color combo.. not sure if you or Jim deserves credit, but the yellowy creamsicle with red CK headset... mmmm, nice. Always an inspiration to check out your work. Although having seen pics of you and the unicyclist making short work of the Flag trails, I'm really feeling like a big fat slug.


Wolfy said...

A hand unicycle. Now that would be something!