Friday, September 21, 2007

simon's bike ready for paint

it took me a little while, but i finally got simon's bike all done and ready to go to paint, it looks really nice! that makes three bikes this month so far. i'll get chrid d.'s bike started but won't get it finished until we get back off our four-day san juan river trip. {yayy!!} should see david's bike back from paint before we leave, too. tired today, been working really hard, but did squeeze a quick ride in a few days ago, sorry, no pics. it's definately fall here now, with cooler temps and wind. feels nice.....those trout should start trying to fatten up for the winter, too, i'd like to stick some more of them in the freezer before snow shuts down the rim lakes. soooo, here's some pics of simon's frame: all polished up, a faw fillet shot, and the braze-ons all crusty with flux. and, the tools of the trade. more soon, thanks for reading, steve.

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Anonymous said...

Four days on San J in Sept.? I'm jealous.
You deserve it man. Killer work as usual.