Tuesday, September 25, 2007

random thoughts and pictures

howdy, all. just sorta in limbo the last few days, we are going on a four-day san juan river trip tomorrow, so i can't really start a bike and let it rust while i'm gone, it isn't really condusive to metal joinery and sweet brazes. and, i have been put in charge of salsa production for the trip. there are some new mexicans on the trip, so AZ pride is at stake, yo. chipotle red and garlicy green for the float! so, i've been collecting piles of parts for the various full and partial build kits for bikes i'm working on. yes, not only do i keep track of all the needed tubes, dropouts, brazeons, flux and filler material, but all the parts needed to build whole bikes as well. i like building complete bikes and wheel builds, it's really cool to see a project to ultimate fruition. so on the random pics: the first is the current status of chris d.'s bike, for now, a box'o'tubes. i'm gonna go out and miter the main triangle and start real assembly when i get back. it's gonna be quite a ripper: think 13" 29er with a 23.75" top tube. that's what custom is all about. next, rim sizes, in order from small to big: 26", 650b, 29er. 650b is coming back, and it is causing quite a cool vibe in the custom builder circle. at around 27.5" it neatly fills the gap in between 29" and 26". it will allow us builders to fit our clients even better! as a size, it's been around quite a while, and is very common in europe, with alot of cool trekking tires avalible. what's new is that kirk pacenti at bikelugs.com is getting 650 x 2.35 knobbies made from panaracer, they look like a cross between a fire xc and a motoraptor. google it and check out the buzz... and yes, i will be building for this size, e-mail me for details, to change a current order, or just to say "hi!" next, some phil wood disc hubs. what can you say? pure functional art - simply gorgeous. and, my cutting tools for headtubes and bottom brackets. after faithfully facing, chasing and tapping hundreds of tubes, they are going to the tool grinder while we are gone for some love and sharp new edges! lastly, me getting rained out on my last attempt at a ride....it's been a nice wet september. can't complain about rain in arizona! see you all in october! steve & denise.

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mimbres man said...

Arizonans and salsa? Who are you kidding Steve? Phhht!

Actually, you are a killer chef...way better than me.

Have fun!