Sunday, September 16, 2007

mostly bikes, but some fun stuff.........

been just whittling away on some of the bike backlog lately, but got in a fine day of fishing yesterday with dan and chris, everybody went home with trout for dinner, and it was a beautiful day! first, the black curved toptube bike belongs to denis, who came and took it away to live in tempe. lo-gloss basic black. have fun with that rig, denis! next is the progress on simon's bike. it's going slow but steady. the sliders require a bit more work to get everything all just perfect. i should get the seat stays on it tomorrow, and hopefully get it all brazed up too. more pics as soon as it is all brazed and de-fluxed, she's a looker! next, in a sorta sucky picture cuz' it's raining outside, is dan building up kathy's new frame for her birthday tomorrow - have a great ride on your new bike tomorrow, kathy! does it get much better then that? more in a couple of days when there is more to report on. next bikes, in order of builds: chris d., jim r., lee t., annie b. later, steve.

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