Sunday, September 02, 2007

handcycle technical testpiece

went and did a very hard ride yesterday, parked at the top of chimmney springs road and rode up freidland prairie road to secret trail. i was really fired up in that i totally aced secret trail! it was really, really fun to ride at the edges of the one-offs' technical ability! the ferns were fading out on the trail, meaning that it's freezing at night up there. at the end of secret we dropped onto the "yo mamma" trail, a new flag addition. i have to say, it had pretty nice flow and plenty of rocks, a good thing! after that it was a grovel in the nice, gentle rain back up chimmney springs to the car. also, in framebuilding news, kathy's frame got finished but it slipped out the door before i got pics of it. oh well, it will be back soon from the painter up for ya'll to see. and, thanks for all the great responses on the world's post! o.k, time to go and dave mc.k's bike. thanks for reading! steve.

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