Thursday, September 13, 2007

a fine day out!

finally got out into the beautiful coconino national forest again yesterday! been seeing a whole lot of metal lately, i really needed to see some organic forms! the trail conditions are still hanging on, with some great rains the last few days keeping the forest green and temps cool. the flowers are still hanging in there, the yellow ones are pretty much done, but the purples like asters, loco weed and some lupines are still kickin' it, and the red indian paintbrush look just dandy, like this one here. they are semi-parasitic, so they get it easy anyway. soooo, rode up climb 3 to the sunset trail cross-over and up the new section. man, i think that trail is really sweet now. twice as long, some of the best views of the peaks anywhere, and once the burms get buffed out it will be sweeeet. from the top we went down upper brookbank to wienie walk, down it, and over to schultz creek trail so the dogs could get wet. schultz was flowing nice, clear water. we usually don't see that much in september. then, i crossed the road and went up the lower orion springs and over to the old trail the goes from the bottom of lookout to the sunset parking lot. not alot of traffic on that one in a while, boulder-city! trying to dodge soccerballs of rock with 3 wheels at speed is pretty sporty, however! thanks to denise for getting me and the dogs out. back to work on simon's bike, got most of the front triangle cut on tues, still got some work on it for shure. next on the slate: chris d. "jersey"'s 29er. get out, have fun!! steve.

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smilin-buddha said...

God what a great looking view.