Monday, September 10, 2007

fillet polishing, braze-ons, alignment and done.......almost.

well....david's bike is sorta wrapped up on this end for a while. i polished all the fillets in one day, a seven-hour marathon. i was pooped and crosseyed. listened to alot of cd's that day, and a two hour johnny cash tribute on npr's american routes that really kicked ass. but, they do look sweet! then, all the braze-ons for cables, brakes and water bottle mounts and such. this bike got a disc mount that allows the disc to track in plane with the horizontal dropouts for one speed disc applications. it can also be configured as a gear bike with derailleurs. a real do-it-all kinda bike. then, you go through alignment procedures. in the full frame pic, you can see the tools which align the dropouts to each other. then, once you chase and face the bottom bracket and ream the seat post you can mount the frame on the alignment table to check it's straightness. in this case, the frame was within 1mm across it's entire surface. good enough! no sense in bending a frame past it's yield strength if you don't have to, it just shortens it's life span. off for custom paint, and chasing and facing all the threads and bearing surfaces, stickers, and assembly. often, i do everything except paint on a bike, including spec'ing the parts and building the wheels. she should be back in three weeks or so, the sycip brothers in santa rosa, ca. paint most of my bikes. this one will be a deep burgundy. tomorrow, it all starts again.......simon z.'s 29er. steve.


Craig said...

Beauty work!

Anonymous said...

great looking braze polishing Garro. its so cool to see a work of art come together.

great beer over in santaRosa where your frames are painted, at Russian River Brewing in downtown. Great riding too at Annadel park on the rocky technical stuff just on the outskirts of town.

san jose, CA