Tuesday, September 11, 2007

and so it begins again........

sent david's bike off to paint this morning, did some errands, and got going on simon's 29er. it's gonna be sweet - curved top tube and paragon stainless steel sliding dropouts for one speed/disc use. rockin'. here's this bike's ala carte custom tubing selection: 37mm head tube, 38mm downtube: truetemper verus heat treated. top tube, seat tube sleeve: .035 x 1.25" seamless aircraft cromoly, seattube, nova cycles 28.6mm externally butted. chainstays: dedacciai zero-tre s-bend 30mm x 17mm. dropouts and bottom bracket shell, paragon machine works. i'm gonnd hand-bend the seat stays outta 5/8" x .035 4130 with special inserts in the dropout end to fill the space because the ss dropouts must be brazed on with nickle silver - tricky and expensive! gonna see how far i get on this today, i haven't done anything fun {other then work} in about a week, my hand cycle got all new armor yesterday and i'm gonna go for a lengthy single track grovel tomorrow! ciao for now, steve.

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