Thursday, August 16, 2007

work in progress

here's some pics of kathy's bike in progress. you may remember kathy's bike from a few posts ago, it as the red one that was going back to get blasted and re-painted. well, upon seeing it blasted, i just thought "i can do better then this now." it was frame #20 from about 4 years ago, and my skills have progressed soooo much that i was tenetive about putting my sticker back on the downtube of something i just didn't think was my best work. so, she gets a free new frame. this one will be SWEET. i got ALOT done on it the last few days after getting shut down the day before by loosing all out power for a good part of the day. this morning i'll go out and get the chainstay sub-assemblies on. i'm really tired and sore today. handcycling, filing, rowing boats, wheelchair pushing, crutch walking, man, my arms hurt lately......also, a pic of my new bringheli alignment table. it's gonna make my life alot easier when it comes to making straight frames! it's ground to within .005" across it's entire surface and the frame bolts to it. i'm gonna have to have it bolted to the middle of my shop floor before i can get much use out of it, however. not cheap. $2000 + $700 shipping. probally in the 600lb range! that is one cool addition to the frame shop, for shure! and, i'm starting to get worried about these sunflowers......i think they have plans for taking over the shop.....and, lastly, a pic from a quick ride we did up waterline road the other day. thanks for reading! steve.


Jason said...

That chainstay sub-assembly jig looks like a pretty nice setup. Who makes it? That alignment table is lookin' pretty cool too. Nice work man, I'm jealous.

planteo said...

dude-you're awesome