Wednesday, August 08, 2007

trying to get things done.........

well.....getting there on denis's bike.....slowly. i culled/ruined two pairs of seat stays before i got a set i liked. i just wasn't happy with the results and the way the sliding disc mount was going to work on it. now, however, it looks really cool! sometimes you just gotta man up and say "not good enough", no matter how much time you have invested in a project. it's what seperates your custom work from the mass-produced junkcycles. trying to get frame building done while managing all the other aspects of running a buisness is hard work. i spent three hours yesterday just cleaning and re-arranging the shop so the new bringheli alignment table could fit. it finally showed up today - all 700+ pounds of it. i'm gonna have to use some bro-buddy credits to get some pals over here to place the thing. i'll post some pics when it gets all settled in. also, did some work on the armbike today, it was a hurtin' unit after the rainstorm it got stuck in on saturday. the knee pads were totally full of water, it sat in the rain as we waited for the lighting to mellow out enough to put it on top of the car. i had a great ride, but forgot the camera - conditions were fantastic! rode up climb 3, down sunset to the road crossing, up coyote downhill, down the *new* sunset trail, back up climb 3 and down weinie walk, and still felt pretty dang good! also, went out to blue ridge resevoir and caught this rack of trout with barry ward. they were yummy! more cool bike pics soon, jeff's bike should return from paint soon, steve.

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Anonymous said...

Let me know when you need bro-buddy help lifting that big ol' thing, and I'm there. Seriously.

I need an excuse to ride up there and give you more money and talk about my frame building changes, etc.

Preskit Matt (