Saturday, August 18, 2007

this day of fishing is gonna be hard to beat!

boooyyyyy.....did me and barry slay trout yesterday! i got one at 21.5" 5lb, barry got a 21" 4lb, and i got another 18" at 3lb!! just a totally amazing day of fishing! limited out too, 12 fish. the big trout took some amazing battles to land,just peeling line. i even fell out of the boat when barry landed my big trout! barry threw me a seat cushion, asked me if i was o.k., i said yep, and asked him if he still had my trout! the crazy thing was that there was another trout on the hook as well - a 10"er. i don't know if it got hooked during the fight, or if the big one hit the first trout. we will never know. also, saw herons, ospreys, and an eagle. wow. i'm still amazed. the three biggest trout i've seen all season in half an hour! and, boy, are they delicious. i got eight 1" thick steaks off the biggest one alone, blood red flesh. nothing like eating local and organic! rock on, happy boating, steve.


wolfy said...

Holy Crap! I figured out your good fishing luck of late: it's the power of Bacon seeping into your tackle box!!!


Anonymous said...

Dude, that is a fine days haul..

-Al Y.