Friday, August 31, 2007

new bringheli alignment table

got my first chance to use my alignment table yesterday, it is super cool! it's custom handmade to my special needs, and groung to .005 across the entire surface. i was really stoked to see that kathy's frame was totally straight to within .5mm without any outside input! just anothr tool to help me make your bike better, faster. steve.


Anonymous said...

I like your sign on the table. 'Do not put anything on this table nothing!!

It's easy to let stuff gather on a 'free' space.

Love your blog and pictures.

Framebuilder wanttabe

devin said...

Who need a special table if you can get it that close..

Japhy rider said...

better bikes are built by happy brazers! keep on turning those cranks.

better put a beer cozy on a table leg, JIK you need somewhere to set your soda

Japhy rider