Tuesday, August 21, 2007

a few bikes i hope you likes.

got alot of bike stuff goig on trying to get our shit together to go to the off-road handcycling world championships today - i think i'm good to go! first, jeni c.'s pretty blue s&s coupler touring bike. i really dig the color! that gonna be a trusty life long companion, there. look for it around sun valley, idaho. next, jeff t.'s long-travel mtb in battleship with a pearl topcoat. this is jeff's second coconino, he owns a fully rigid 29er in addition to this 26" wheeled rig designed around a 120mm suspention fork. it will be cruising the trails above boise. also, had a drive-by-smiling from matt b. of ada, oklahoma to show off his built up gold rigid 29er with it's custom waltworks fork we designed especially for this rig with walt. it sure looks cool n' comfy with the fat tires and the titec h-bars. good to see matty out here on the beautiful coconino plateau enjoying the trails and tipping a beer over some evening wheel building with gullo. lastly, kathy g.'s tacked-up mtb. i got it all brazed up last night, but it's gonna have to wait until we get back to be polished up. there's only so much one guy can do! when i get back, first bikes up: david m.'s 1-speed and simon z.'s 29er. thanks for all your pacience! rock on, steve.

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Japhy rider said...

great posts, Garro! it sure is fun following your work, seeing the raw goods turn into painted shred machines. i bet i can type for other Coconino riders, the wait is worth it. i'm planning to roll Rosinante (29" touring trail bike) around NW Nevada later this fall - a Nevada Day tour around on the Black Rock Playa to High Rock Canyon etc.

take it easy,