Thursday, August 02, 2007

another ride on the peaks with perfect conditions!

man, this is the time of year where i find it highly unlikely that there is a finer place to be riding singletrack then flagstaff, arizona. it's just that good. kicked out a fast ride today trying to beat the rain, then it didn't rain at all, just looked threatening. our highs have been around 73*, the lows in the 50's. just perfect. hit the trails at 8am with dew still clinging to the plants and the trail totally buff. we went up moto, then connected up to old weatherford "road", then went down upper and lower hotshot, and went left at the bottom and descended schultz creek trail. as i said, just sticky, railing, velco slotcar trail the whole way. saw four locals and two deer. kicked out the loop, which would have crippled me last year, in three hours. pretty fast, i thought. and, at the end of the ride, saw one of those wierd anomalous scenes that will be in my movie consisting of stuff i've actually seen that i'll make when i'm old {if i escape life's "smoothie of death" misadventures - oh, yeah, that will be in there too!} at the very end of the ride a car passed me and pulled over, and an old man got out with a huge bouquet of roses and lilies. odd, i thought, especially out in the middle of the forest. when his passenger got out i was really perplexted - i expected an elderly wife, but it was a full-on goth chick, pale, hair, glasses, shoes and party dress all in black, of course, both just standing in the woods with their flowers. sort of something i would expect in las vegas, but in the forest ???????? and, the old basque guy who wanted to corral sheep in the frame shop stopped by after the ride and told denise that his family owns a resturant and, "has lots of extra food! we'll bring you some!!!" cool. later, hoping you all are having a fun summer and cool weird things happen to you too, steve.


velomatty said...

ummm... Mutton !

Anonymous said...

Nicely done Steve. Looks like a beautiful ride. Congrats on the great progress.


Troy said...

Yummmm. ¡QuĂ© resteraunt!