Saturday, July 21, 2007

a quick blog/coffee break

just taking a break from building jeff t.'s frame while i re-coffee up. coffee at 2:30 in july? yep, when it's 64* out and raining! quite a beautiful monsoon season were having, with rain almost every day. went for a great armbike ride yesterday, riding up schultz creek trail and up the old pipe trail, turning left on fs road 6273 and down upper and lower hotshot and down dogfood to the car {if you are not from flagstaff, i doubt if any of that made any sense.} a pretty long ride! the flowers were GOING OFF, but sadly, we forgot to re-charge our camera, and missed out on some great flower pics.....monarda/wild oregano, cutleaf cone flower, richardson's geranium, paintbrush, sunflowers, deers' ears, lupine, penstemmon barbatus, ipomopsis, bracken.....musta had fun, the bike has a front flat this morning! so, today's pics: first, jen's coupler bike. this picture just does not do the paint justice! "root beer" with gold nugget topcoat. super sparkly with specs of red, gold and green. PRETTY. next, jeff's bike, an agressively sloping toptube mtb built around a 120mm travel fork, hence the small size. also, jeff has short legs + long torso & arms. if you built bikes 40,000 years ago for guys, the might have all looked like this! it should be one fun ride, and he already has the color picked...guacaloco! also, the run of frame building blocks has finally shown up, they hold thin tubes firmly without denting them so builders can have their way with them, i think all 40 sets are pretty much spoken for. here's local shredder/highschool student kai helping box them up for shipping. next, gus the cat curled up in his own private filthbox. gus loooves his filthbox.....and, sally and cody hiding from the lightning in the shop. they hate it, as do i. i'm especially wary of lightning now, as i am full of metal and walk with metal sticks. i would probally get hit and barely live to endure another lengthy recovery, while everyone around me would be fine. thanks for reading! until later, steve,


Anonymous said...

That coupler bike is a work of art man. Killer paint too. If you get a pic of the finished build, be sure to post it! Beautiful.

Al Y.

Japhy rider said...

nice work! sounds like a great summer for you - biking, building, and coffee between lightning air raids. we're sure enjoying your posts, Garro. thanks for staying plugged in.

Japhy rider

Anonymous said...

Nice looking rootbeer bike with couplers. Now there maybe two brown Coconinos riding around on the tar and trails.

stay dry in the monsoons.

sunnyvale, CA