Sunday, July 01, 2007

goings on/build que/doing well!

been finally coming back around! did mormon mtn trail yesterday, nothing like a beatdown singletrack ride in 90+* heat to boil the toxins outta you - i feel much better! been trying to ride the lesser known/ridden trails lately, it's really dusty on the often ridden trails. take a look at the dirt on your legs after a ride - that's my head level. so, the trails south of town are still really nice, and i went up to 10,500 ft. in the inner basin with denise and yod while the branch family were in town, a few days before i got poisoned. it was really nice - probally upper 60's with GREAT flowers just going off: perry's primrose, columbines, 3 kinds of penstemmons: flagstaff, whipple's, and barbatus, deer's ears, sneeze weed, strawberries, blackberries, mtn. ash, paintbrush, potentillas, lupines and others. quite a really cool microcosm left over from the last ice age. getting the bike rhythm going again, finish one, start another, one comes back from paint. but, going to wisconsin to see denise's side of the family for 10 days, so the rhythm will get interrupted for a while. i'm pretty hesitant to even give delivery dates on bikes now, they get done when they get done, they have tons of time-consuming features and personality, and i'm still one of the cheaper full-time custom builders, especially as far as the fillet-brazing subclass {current price $1300+, it will go up $100 in august} filletbrazing is so much work, few builders really stick with it long enough to master it, but i have really come to enjoy it, it looks so cool, and it's very strong. soooo......any way, i have finally compiled my build que as to when i actually recived deposits, the most democratic way. there are 20 bikes on the list: denis r., jeff t., dave mc k., simon z., chris d., jim r., lee t., annie b., jim w., john w., keri p., absolute bikes salida, cameron c., matt s., mark mc d., cosmic ray, paul v/b., ben p., allan y., joe sorren {yes, THE joe sorren! i'm trading for a painting.....i'm so stoked!} if i missed you, let me know....but i'm sure that's it. stay tuned, thanks for your patience, i'm building as fast as i can, you will be really stoked when you get it, enjoy the pics, think of all the good things you have in your life, and stay away from bees! steve.


Anonymous said...


I bet most of us are just happy to still have you around! Don't sweat the bike building, keep enjoying yourself and keep getting outside.

I'm still saving my pennies anyway....8^)

Preskit Matt S.

Japhy rider said...

happy builders make better bicycles